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Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 30th October 2017

Welcome back for term 2! I hope you all had a super break.

Our new topic is 'The World is Our Oyster'. Do you have any pictures or items that we could disply on our board or hang from the celling? Also if you have any photos of your children on holiday anywhere here or abroad we would love to use them for a map activity and to display them for the term.


The children will be learning about leaves this week. We will be looking at the function of leaves and talking about deciduous trees and how they change in the seasons. The children will be doing leave rubbing and squashing leaves to print onto cotton sheeting.


We will be focusing on word problem, with a particular focus on addition (using apparatus and the bar model). The children will need to understand all the vocabulary linked to addition and will need to have a secure understanding of the question in order to answer correctly.


The children will be doing activities linked to the past and present tense in one session and will be doing a recount activity in the other session. The recount will be linked to our topic- 'The world is our oyster'. The children will be writing about a country or place they have visited. We will be working on identifying where in the world the destination the write about is and talking about the climate and culture where relevant.


This term we will be doing Indoor Athletics. The first lesson will start as usual with a warm up game, we will then explore different ways of travelling and the lesson will finish with a wind down activity and a discussion of the learning.


We will be looking at maps of Great Britain and of the world. We will identify countries and areas of Britain that the childrn have visited and we will watch a clip of children from around the world talking about their country.


We will be discussing frendship and what characteristics make a good friend.


Greetings and introductions will be our focus this week.