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Monday 30th September-Wednesday 2nd October (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 30th September 2019

We are doing a mindfulness activity liked to food this week. If your child has a favourite snack (ideally healthy  ie raisins, fruit bar, cereal bar, any dried fruit) please send them in with it on Monday for this activity. Obviouly nothing with nuts in please. Thank you!


This week we will be focusing on writing a story with lots of description about the setting. The children will be given the choice of photographs to stick in their books to inspire them. We will also be doing some sentence work with a focus on capital letters and full-stops and we will be encouraging joined handwriting.


The children were very excited to learn a new written method of adding last week and lots of them picked it up quickly. We will be continuing to work on partitioning and adding two digit numbers. Ask your child to show you the method. Some children will be learning to draw the tens and one to help them as well.

Art- Collage

We hope you have had the chance to see the artwork on display in our classroom and the corridor from last week. The childrn are very proud of it.

This week we will be creating some collages ( ready for the Christmas Card company). I will try not to get the childrn too excited about Christmas, but we have a deadline so have to do it early! We hope you like the creations when you see them in December.


This week we will begin working on some Netball skills. The children will be working on passing and catching the ball.


We will be continuing our study of all things liked to transport, by comparing old and new vehicles. We will be identifying changes that have occurred over time.


We are very lucky to have two Charlie's mummy and another parent who is French working with the class on alternate weeks. They are creating lessons linked to our topic and the children are responding with enthusiam.


Miss Wilford is poppong in to teach the class music every Wednesday afternoon. They are following the Charanga programme. I am also doing some activities from the BBC make a noise programme.


The children will be doing some mindful eating this week. We will link this to our PSHE healthy eating and we will focus on really tasting our food and talking about food linked to all our senses. If your child has a favourite snack (ideally healthy  ie raisins, fruit bar, cereal bar, any dried fruit) please send them in with it for this activity. Thank you!


This week we will be looking at what plants need to grow and setting up a pinto bean investigation to demonstrate the importance of light for growth. If you have a spare shoe box please send it in. Thank you!