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Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 29th November 2017

This Monday we will be baking biscuits. The children will then be given the chance to decorate the biscuits. If you have any sugar sprinkles, chocolate buttons ect you could send in with your child to add to icing they will be using, we would really appreciate it!

If you have any old/spare Christmas decorations that we could put up in the classroom we would love you to send them in. I would like to make our room feel like a winter wonderland!

 I will not be in school from 1.30 pm on Tuesday, so Mrs Morris will be in charge.

Thank you!


This week we will be working on contractions ( turning two words into one- ie Will not/Won't ) and also working on list writing. The class will also be doing a final 'Instruction Writing' task. It will be put in their 'Big Write Folder'. This will be based on baking biscuits. They will get to decorate and eat the biscuits as a reward for their super cooking and baking over the last few week. I have been so impressed with the childrens' skills and attitude.


This week we will be doing some more work on missing numbers in calculation sums. We will also be working on mixed mental maths questions and will be encouraging the children to listen carefully to questions and ensure that they have understood the task before working out the answers.

Christmas show singing and acting

We will be linking with the rest of KS1 and running through the play in order to increase the childrens' knowledge of the words and the songs.

Computer Technology/Topic

The children will be working in pairs to write some facts about countries in the world. They will be using Cliker 6 or Word and will be printing their work and saving it.


The children will be continuing their Indoor Athletics lessons. They will be doing balancing and apparatus work.


The topic this week will be confidence. We will be discussing what it is and how we can build confidence by challenging ourselves. The message will be that in order to improve we sometime need to accept that we might fail at first. We will be acting out some senarios and discussing our experiences.

Music/winter song writing

The children will be working in groups to write a winter themed  song or rap. They will be given a choice of instruments to use and will get the chance to perform to the class.