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W/c 29th January 2018 - Mon-Weds, Mrs Donoghue

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 29th January 2018

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday next week.

We have just returned from the Christingle service and what a lovely service it was!  As always, the children were a credit to us.  Y6 informed everyone about the meaning of Christngle and the significance of the orange and the rest of the children joined in with the hymns and listened and behaved beautifully.  I know we have very high expectations but it’s so rewarding when the children naturally behave in this way and without any nudging!

We have an exciting week ahead!  We have our Toy Theme Day on Wednesday and as you are aware, we would like the children to dress up as a toy from the past.  I thought this was a fantastic idea until I realised I would have to dress up too!  We have a great day planned starting with Victorian games in the hall, puppet making in the classroom and also meeting an external visitor who is being in some old toys.   Due to our theme day, the rest of the intended learning looks a little limited but rest assured, they will still be working hard!

Have a good week.

Mrs Donoghue

Online links which support learning in class:


Maths Rockstar:  

Squeebles: – an excellent app to be used on ipads - £2.99

Table Mountain: (evaluation version) to be used on a laptop/computer.


We will be writing a recount this week based on our Toy Theme Day.  All children will gather ideas and structure their writing using a template before taking part in the BIG WRITE on Friday morning.

Reading Comprehension – the children will continue to read straight after lunch on a daily basis;  they will also take part in a group reading session;  this new initiative is based around texts which typically takes 60 seconds to read before discussing questions relating to the text.  

Spelling Please refer to the spelling sheet for this week’s spellings. 


We are still focusing on multiplication (2 x table) and doubling.  This week we will be building (concrete method) arrays, which is an arrangement of objects, pictures, or numbers shown in equal numbers, in columns and rows, before moving onto the pictorial method and then applying knowledge to solve problems (abstract).


We are continuing with our unit on the Gospel and looking at short, childrens prayers.  The children will then write their own short prayers focusing on specific aspects of every day life, e.g. friendship, love, kindness etc.


Mrs Milehan will be taking the children for cricket this week.


We are very fortunate that Mrs Brown is continuing with French this term; this will take place every Friday afternoon.