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Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 29th January 2018

The children will be doing some Mental Maths challenges, learning more about 'Difference' and continuing with their work on Multiplication.


The children will be working on handwriting, spelling and their descriptive writing skills.


The children will be working on 'solving a problem'. In science they will be using cars and ramps to identify which road surfaces speed cars up and slow them down. In topic linked with this the children will be identifying an issue or problem linked to a toy or a game. They will be thinking up solutions and designing/inventing methods to resolve the issue.


The children will be watching a clip linked to French life and identifying vocabulary they are familiar with on Monday and on Friday they will continue with their French conversations and perfecting their accents!


This week we will discuss kindness. What it is, how it makes us feel and what affect it has on others. The children will be acting out senarios and discussing their own experiences.


More ball skills activities with some paired work and team games.