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Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 27th November 2017

Last week Mrs D and I were lucky enough to be given £52 to spend from the money raised by the book fair. We had a super time picking out books that will be added to the selection in the classroom that the children will be able to take home. We have also subscribed to 'First News' for the year with some of the fantastic cake sale money. We are looking into buying some DT resources linked to our 'Toy' topic next term as well. Thank you to all those people who helped raise the money. We really appreciate it!

English/DT (Cooking)

We continue with our cooking sessions on Monday this week. The children have impressed my with their skills and how sensible they have been over the last two sessions. We did whole class Pitta-Pizza making last week. They were fabulous! This week we will be making Vegetable Pasta in a tomato sauce. Once again the children will be using their writing skills to write down instructions to explain how to make this dish. They are getting very good at clearly numbering their instructions and using imperative verbs to begin each instruction.  On Tuesday we will be continuing with our 'The World is Our Oyster' topic. Linked to the Pizza and Pasta theme we will be researching Italy and writing a fact file.


The class will be working a little more on missing numbers in a sequence and will then begin to focus on missing numbers in an addition sum.


Mrs Mileham will be working with me and the children on Tuesday. She has swapped her day from Friday this week. The children will be using the large apparatus.

Singing and rehersal

The children are learning the song words really well. We are running through the play with the other two classes on Tuesday PM. Sorry the script has taken a while to get to you. We felt it was imortant to run through the scenes so we could make a few changes and write a few more speaking parts. Please feel free to pop in if you have any questions.


This week we are going to focus on food and healthy eating. The children will discuss their own likes and dislikes and will be making examples of a 'Healthy Plate' using their artistic skills.