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Monday 27th- Wednesday 29th 2020 (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 27th January 2020

We will be doing lots of reading tasks and we will be listening to a familiar story, using the 'Talk for Writing' techniques to remember all the elements and then re-writing the story. We will then make decisions about what we would like to change to create our own versions of the story.


We are starting to work on time this week. We will find out what the children already know, recap on the o'clock and half past time and use the clocks to set given times. We will move on to quater past and quater to over the next couple of weeks. We will be looking at digital and anolgue time and we will be solving some word problems.

Science Physics

This lesson will be 'problem Solving'. We will be learning about the role of inventors and learning about some inventions linked to physics that have changed the world. We will be using ramps and cars and the aim will be to slow the car down using the materials provided.

History- linked to Science

We will study Micheal faraday who discovered how to make electricity. We will talk about when he live, what problem he was trying to solve and the difference it has made to our life today.


The children will be using their knowledge of colours, to describe themselves and what they are wearing. They will also be describing famous people.


We will be focusing on'Respectful Relationships' and how we regconise when someone is not treating us as they should. We will discuss strategies for dealing with people who are rude, unkind or don,t treat us fairly. We will do some drama activities to act out senarios.


We will be doing the second stage of our water colour 'Monet Style' paintings this week.

PE- Gymnastics

The children will be working on turning, twisting and spinning in our lesson this week. We will be using mats and low level equipment.