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Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 26th March 2018

Hopefully you all got your invitation to our 'Chocolate Tea Party'. It is from 2pm on Tuesday 27th, outside in the hide and outdoor play area. A few of the children will be reading either poems they have written or Chocolate poems that we have read and enjoyed this term. If you would like to have a look through your childrens' work with them, you will be welcome to look through their books in trays. It is a fair weather invitation- as we would struggle to have toddlers, parents and 30 children in the classroom or the hide. We will have to celebrate with the children in the classroom without visitors if it is rainy!  I am aware that for some parents it will not be possible to join us. Your children will obviously, still be able to join in the tea party and have fun, I have explained to the children sometimes work obligations make it tricky to attend all school events.

I hope you all have a super Easter break. Mrs Benson



More Money learning. The children were very enthusiastic last week and we are going to move their learning along this week with some challenging word problems linked to money and some working out what change to give in a shopping senario. The children will also be given a monetary value verbally and will have to write in numbers ( remembering to include £, p and the decimal point). If you have a go at this at home with your child, that would be super! Start on low values and work your way up once they get the hang of it. Thank you!


This week we will focus on dication including punctuation and on reciting poetry about chocolate with volume and confidence.


The hall is in use on Monday so hopefully ,if the weather is fine, we will be outside working on our ball skills. We might even give some Netball shooting a try!


We will have an Easter themed French vocabulary lesson and have another try at joining in a greeting song that we started to learn last week.


Our last Science lesson on 'Forces' is linked to Magnetism. I will make it as fun and practical as possible. The children will investigate the strength of different magnets and they will make a magnetic crafty creation too.