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Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th February (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 26th February 2018

We have an exciting Science workshop on Monday. Hopefully the children will be able to tell you all about it. There will be no PE ( unless the weather is good enough to go outside.... the forecast is for it to be freezing at the moment!) due the the hall being used for the Science workshops all day. I have Science training on Tuesday afternoon so Miss Wilford will be in charge, with the help of our two wonderful TAs.


Our focus over these two days will be creating story maps of familiar stories and then adapting and adding to them to create our own versions.


The children will be working on measures and capacity over this week. They will also be doing the usual mental maths activities.


We have a school science day on Monday. Each class will be going into the hall for a science workshop. We will also be doing our usual science lesson. The focus for the next two weeks will be 'Flight'. The children will be doing some investigations using balloons and straws. They will be learning some new vocabulary and we will begin to learn about how objects can fly!

Next week the children will be designing and then making their own planes. If you have any materials at home that your child might light to bring in (such as elastic bands, card, plastic sheets), please send it in in a named bag this week so we can start the planning stage.. The children will have the chance to use materials from the school stock cupboard so they only need to bring things in if they have resources at home they would prefer to use.


This week we are going to think about where the ingredients of chocolate come from. We will be learning about the Mayans who first created chocolate and look at the areas of the world where coco beans are grown.


All the teachers have been having 'Mindfulness' training. We have had 4 of the hour and a half long session. We are having 8 sessions in all. We have decided to do some work with the children and to start introducing short 'Mindfulness' in the classroom and this week we will be introducing the children to some of the activities and talking to the about the benefits of taking time to stop and clear your mind.