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Monday 25th -Wednesday 27th November 2019 ( Mrs B)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 25th November 2019

Mrs D wil be covering me on Wednesday morning, as I will be doing some Art and DT co-ordinator work with Mrs Goodman.


We will be working on character descriptions and retelling a storyline this week. Thank you for the Sing DVDs. We will be starting our work linked to this storyline this week.


We will be learning about mass. We will be finding out what the children already know and we will then be exploring all the weighing equipment we have in school and beginning to learn the vocabulary and skills involved in careful weighing. If you could do some weighing at home using the bathroom, kitchen or suitcase scales that would be super. Any photos you take could go in the children's maths books. Thank you!


Nativity run throughs and song learning will be a bigger focus  this week. The children will have one to one time working on speaking parts and we will also be working with the younger children in the hall.


Stage creations will continue this week. We will be adding the curtains and some of the back drop and props.


We will be doing some roller printing this week using cut out sheets and art rollers to create some pattern/abstract art.


The fabulous french lessons will continue this week as we continue to learn words linked to films and focus on saying short statements and answering questions.


We will do some short PE activities this week as we will use our hall time to start working on the Nativity.