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w/c 25th September - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 25th September 2017

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week.

We have had another lovely week in Kudu class and one of the highlights was certainly singing a Harvest Samba at St Mary’s on Wednesday afternoon!

I apologise for not sending home the Phonics/Spelling books on Friday.  We all got so engrossed in retelling the story of Laura’s Star we ran out of time (I don’t think the children minded though!).  I will send them home on Wednesday, to be returned by Friday.

I think you are now all aware of the homework but I have copied in the information from last weeks intended learning in case you missed it.


We will be concluding our unit on Laura’s Star this week and will spend one day focusing on spellings that are used in every day words.  These will be: went, when, your, they, could, would, look, after, became and because.  They will then be expected to use them in the BIG write on Friday which is describing a beautiful picture of a preying mantis, butterfly and a partially closed poppy! Prior to the BIG write, the children will gather adjectives and verbs. 


We are coming to the end of our unit on Place Value and this week we will be focusing on greater than/less than – with the help of crocodiles!!!


We will be continuing with our unit on Creation and will be going down to the music room (or outside if the weather is fine) to create music that signifies the 7 days that God created the world in.


Mrs Mileham will be taking the children for PE on Friday afternoon.  She will be focusing on OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activities).


We will be going on a journey to the the International Space Station this week (we will be back by the end of the day!).