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Week beginning Monday 25th September (Mr Benson- Mon and Tues)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 25th September 2017

It has been a super start to year 2. The children are working hard and have settled in well.

Thank you for all your support!


This week we will be continuing to work on the children's joined up writing in our handwriting sessions. We will be doing a persuasive writing activity in which the children need to apply for a job as an astronaut.


Measuring in cm if the focus this week. The children need to become confident at using a ruler, positioning the ruler on the 0 as a starting point and carefully reading the scale. If you have anytime at home to work on this skill it would be really helpful.


We will be setting up a 'Germination' investigation and learning about seeds and how they grow.


We will start with a story about feelings.Our drama based lesson will be linked to managing feelings in different situations.


We will have our usual French session. We also have a session all about Spain on European language day. The children will learn some spanish words and learn a bit about the Spain.


Last week the children created some wonderful fact files. This week they will be presenting the information to the class. We will be watching a video of the space missions and then writing a list of essentials that they would take to space with them.

Dentist visit / Orienteering

On Monday we have a visit from the dentist who will run a 30 min workshop on dental hygiene and demonstrate some brushing techniques. We will not have PE due to the workshop, but will do a quick orienteering activity instead.