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Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th June ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 25th June 2018

I will be attending a Moderation meeting on Monday afternoon. Mrs Morris will be in charge and will be working with the children on the initial 'Bird of Paradise' activity.


We are going to continue our work on reading a scale and then we will do some recap work on addition or 2 and 3 digit numbers. We will focus on written methods and building mental strategies to estimate before we start the calculation.


We will be working on writing in 'present tense' this week and we will be linking our Amazon topic with English and Art and describing and drawing a bird of paradise. The children will go on to make the birds in 3D form later in the week/term. We will also be doing some drama in relation to the PSHE road safety.


Due to the whole school photo last week we were unable to do our Monday PE session, so we will be doing a session on Monday morning this week (As I am at a Moderation meeting with Mrs D on Monday afternoon). We will be inventing new games using the equipment the children have worked with over the last few weeks.


We will revisit road safety this week. We will talk about the rules and do some acting out, as well as watching a short video to reinforce road safety rules.


The focus this week is floating and sinking. The class will how the density and shape of an object will determine whether an object will float. The children will be investigating using foil and plasticine.