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Mrs Donoghue - Weds 27th - Friday 29th November 2019

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 24th November 2019

The nativity rehearsals have started – thank you in advance for your support in helping your young actor learn lines and for also having to endure them singing the songs throughout the night and day!

I will be teaching the class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week – a bonus extra day! J


Have a good week,


Mrs Donoghue


This week we will be learning about four types of bears – the brown bear, panda bear, sloth bear and polar bear.  The children will learn new facts through videos as well as fact sheets and discussion.  I am also hoping to move onto famous bears such as Paddington and Yogi!


This week we will be practising words with the  ‘or’ sound spelt ‘all’.   The children will be tested on Friday morning.   


This week we will be moving onto the next unit – Multiplication.  Our focus this week will be doubles and halves. We will continue to do ‘number of the day’ which allows the children to show their understanding of a range of models such as number lines, tallies and bar models.

Nativity Performance

As I am sure you can imagine, it takes time and effort to put on a Nativity performance so most of our afternoon activities this week will focus around rehearsing and learning songs and actions. 


The children will be continuing with Djembe drumming with Mr Jackson this week!J