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Monday 24th-Wednesday 26th February 2020 ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 24th February 2020

Welcome back! Can you believe we are into term 4? I am looking forward to our new topic 'Location, Location, Location'. We will be doing lots of Geography this term and I am sure the children will embrace this topic with their usual enthusiam.



We will be doing a talk for writing block linked to African Folk Tales. For the next couple of weeks we will focus on 'Tortoise's Dream'. We will be doing a 'cold Task' and then learning the text and discussing the vocabulary this week.


We will be continuing to work on data collection and graphs this week. The children will be answering questions about the information represented on graphs and they will be collecting data and creating their own graphs.


This week we will be continuing to learn about Friction and Gravity. We will be creating a pulley system using string, paper clips and a chair!


Our fabulous Mrs Barstow will be linking weather to outfits this week and the children will be doing some weather forecasts and finding outfits to match the weather.


Linked to our Geography focus this week we will be looking at some African art work and recreating our own art in that style.


We will be finding out where African continent is on the map and labelling some of the African countries. We will learn about the climate and geography of Africa and compare a village in Africa to our own village.


We will be doing some team games this week linking lots of the Gymnastic skills from the last few lessons.


We will be learning about the importance of personal hygiene and in particular hand washing this week.


Miss Wilford will be teaching the class music as usual on a Wednesday afternoon. They will be performing the song and movements to me when they are perfected!