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Monday 23rd -Wednesday 25th September 2019 (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 23rd September 2019

We will be making Rainbow Wraps on wednesday. They will be full of salad and vegetable items. If your child has any allergies (and I have not yet discussed this with you) please pop in and chat to me as we can make sure they avoid certain food items. I have given the children a challenge of creating art, labelled pictures or fact files for our science 'Plants and Trees' display. It is not compulsory- only if they are keen!


The children used the bar model last week to add numbers up to 20, this week we will be adding lareger two digit numbers and introducing a partitioning method.


we are going to be listening to and re-writing a fairy tale, writing instructions to explain how to make 'Rainbow Wraps'. We will be making these on Wednesday.


we will be creating 'Rainbow Wraps' using our chopping, slicing and grating skills. We will also begin work on designing and then creating a 3D vehicle in small groups.


Miss Wilford will be continuing with the music activities and focusing on keeping the beat and learning lyrics.


This week we will be learning about all the different parts of a plant and the jobs they do. We will be setting up a growing investigation which we will monitor throughout the rest of this term.


We are lucky enough to have two French teachers who will be coming in weekly to work with the children on French linked to our termly topics.


The children are so receptive to all the Mindfulness activities I have introduced so far. They also enjoy talking and acting out senarios when we discuss our PHSE topics. We do at least three sessions a week focusing on health and well-being.


The children's football skills have impressed me so far this term. This week I will be putting them in small groups and they will be working on passing and shooting skills.