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w/c 22nd January 2018

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 22nd January 2018

I will be in class on Thursday & Friday next week as I on a course on Wednesday when Mrs Benson will be taking the class.  Thank you to all of you who completed the ‘Toys From The Past’ survey.  The children enjoyed learning about the toys parents, grandparents and teachers had as a child, although it did make some us feel a little old!

A letter has been emailed to you regarding a theme day on Wedneaday 31st January.  Children are being asked to dress up as an old toy; please do not feel under huge pressure – a simple design will be perfect; it’s the taking part that is important.

 Have a good week.

Mrs Donoghue


Online links which support learning in class:


Maths Rockstar:  

Squeebles: – an excellent app to be used on ipads - £2.99

Table Mountain: (evaluation version) to be used on a laptop/computer.


This week we will be using our imagination and writing a story about toys that come alive!  The book, Lost in a Toy Museum will be the stimulus but toys selected from the survey last week will be used; currently these toys are a: ragdoll, lawn mower, rubix cube and a traditional teddy.  The children will be planning their story on Thursday and will need to think about how they move and also their personality.  The BIG WRITE will take place on Friday morning (after spellings of course!).


We have now moved onto multiplication and currently learning the 2x table and relating it to doubling which will be the main focus this week.  After doubling, we will be moving onto arrays, which is an arrangement of objects, pictures, or numbers shown in equal numbers, in columns and rows. 


We will be continuing with dance this week; our inspiration is ‘Doll on a Music Box’ from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


We are very fortunate that Mrs Brown is continuing with French this term; this will take place every Friday afternoon.