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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 22nd January 2018

You midht have noticed I am working an extra day this week. Mrs D has a course so I am covering her and she will work a Monday or Tuesday later in the year. Our 3rd year BA student, Miss Wilford ( some of you met her at the meet the teacher sessions) has settled in well, has got to know the children quickly and is proving to been a real asset. She will be with us until March which will really allow us to do lots of small group, one to one and team teaching activities to help the children make good progress.


I have planned a lesson focussing on the greater than and less than symbols as I have noticed the children need some extra focus in this area. The other two lessons will be on multiplication and will build on what the class have been learning with Mrs D at the end of last week.


The focus this week will be spelling and poetry lnked to toys. If you have any poetry books with poems relating to toys please send them in so we can share them with the class.


Due to the heavy rain last week we were unable to carry out our water squirting investigation. This week we hope to have a dry playground so we can measure the distance different containers can squirt. the chuildren will be creating a graph to show the data we collect.


As usual we will focus on introducing new vocabulary linked to colours, pets and parts of the body. On Friday the children have the chance to develop their French speaking skills.


The children will be looking at the history of toys, who made them and how much they have changed over time.


On Wednesday afternoon the children will be working in small groups and putting their poems to music. They will be experimenting with different instruments and creating a beat to link with the poem. They will be performing thier musical poems to the class.


We will continue to talk about the dangers of substances in the home and will also have a brief session reminding the children about the 'Pants' rule.