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W/c 20th November - Mrs Donoghue - Weds-Fri

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 20th November 2017

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week. 

A strange request ....does anyone have a toy meerkat I could borrow this week?

Quizlet link:    


Maths Rockstar link:  

I know some children are not enjoying Maths Rockstar as much as we hoped and are finding it difficult to go against a timer.  I have been made aware of an Ipad App called Squeebles Times Tables 2.  It is £2.99 but is very good and the children who are already using it, love it!  There is also and evaluation version of Table Mountain which can be used on a laptop/computer – the link is

Parents Evening – thank you to all of you who attended Parents Evening last week; both Mrs Benson and I enjoyed talking to you about your lovely children and sharing one or two stories that have made us smile. Please remember, our door is always open so pop in if you have any concerns.

Children In Need:  All the class enjoyed our Pudsey Maths and English challenges – please see our class blog for some pictures taken during our Maths lesson.

Have a good week.

Mrs Donoghue


This week, I will be introducing the text Meekat Mail by Emily Gravett.  The story is about self-exploration, of believing that the grass is greener, of leaving home and coming back again… The hero Sunny the meerkat lives with his extended family in the Kalahari Desert and is fed up with two things – the place where he lives and the people (or meerkats!) he lives with. It’s time to move on, so he packs his suitcase, writes a note and starts his search for a better place to eat his ice-creams!   

This week the children will be doing three activities:  creating a story map, looking at the layout, text structure and information from postcards Sunny sends before writing a postcard from Sunny, in the same style from a local location (hence why I’m looking for a meercat!).


We are on Week 3 Spellings this week –  The sound ‘ng’ spelt n before g.  The sound ‘nk’ spelt n before k   An activity on quizlet has been created.


We are progressing nicely with subtraction without re-grouping and aim to move onto addition regrouping the tens and ones.   We will be relying heavily on concrete resources and practical activities initially before moving onto pictorial methods and recording their sums.  Our times table focus will be the 5 times table this week.


Our current topic is incarnation.  This week we will be focusing on specific parts of the Christmas story and then looking at people from the story in more detail (Wise men/Kings, Joseph & Mary, Shepherds, Angels).  Last week the children created a question bank on what they would like to know about the Christmas story – it is on display in our classroom so please feel free to pop in and have a look at it – there are certainly some questions to make you smile.


I will be taking the children for indoor athletics on Thursday afternoon.  


The children are continuing to have a 30 minute drumming session every week.  Whilst we would like to be selfish and continue these sessions, we need to let Y1 and YR join in with the fun so our sessions will finish at Christmas.