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Tuesday 20th February (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 20th February 2018

Welcome back! The topic this term will be chocolate. For the first day back it woukld be great if your child could bring in a sample of their favourite chocolate treat. Just one small chocolate ( either a tiny bar or an individual chocolate ). The children will be talking about their choice and when and where they like to eat chocolate. We will be describing the taste, texture and smaell. We will also have a look at the ingredients on any packets and we will be talking about what we would create if we could make our own brand of chocolate. If you have any books about chocolate or linked to chocolate please send them in.

Also if you have any empty choclate boxes could you also send those in as we have a DT activity planned for later in the term.

Thank You!


We will be focusing on using question marks in our English lesson. The children will be making up questions to ask linked to our new chocolate topic.


Division of larger numbers using written and mental startegies. The children will be doing some paired challenges and answering some questions using the resources they find useful.


We will be introducing our chocolate topic. There will be lots of discussion along with some tasting and investigating.


The focus will be how we can discuss feelings. Methods of controlling and calming some of the more negative feelings we have and sharing and embracing the positive feelings.