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Thursday 23rd January and Friday 24th January - Mrs Donoghue

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 20th January 2020

It is our sponsored Dance-a-thon on Friday!  We are raising money for the NSPCC, one of the two charities we have chosen to support this academic year.  Sponsor forms have already been sent home and we would appreciate it if these could be returned asap.  Thank you for your support. 

Have a good week,

Mrs Donoghue



We all absolutely loved learning about Florence Nightingale last week.  The children were also introduced to Mary Seacole and really impressed me by making links between the two ladies. We spoke a little bit about racism and we are going to gently take this a little further this week by introducing Nelson Mandella.   Mr Goodman is taking the class on Friday afternoon and he will be introducing another famous person to the children.

Reading Comprehension

We are going to briefly revisit Mary Seacole this week through a reading comprehension activity.

Reading – individual and group reading

As well as reading comprehension, we will be having daily reading sessions where the children will either read on their own, to an adult, or to a small group of peers.


The children need to learn the spellings on page 13 of the Monster Phonics book this week.  They are ‘tricky witch’ spellings, where the letter ‘a’ takes on the ‘o’ sound.  Examples being wander, watch, squash and a really tricky spelling – quantity!


It took us a little longer to gain knowledge and understanding of odd and even numbers last week.  Therefore, this week, our focus will remain looking at numbers in more details by recapping on odd and even numbers and understanding that a multiple of 5 always ends in 5 or 0, a 10 always ends in 0.

We typically start with ‘’Number of the day’ which allows the children to develop fluency in number – by representing the number in many ways such as part/whole models, bar models and tally charts! 


Our current unit is ‘Good News’ looking at the Gospel.  The children will continue exploring the meaning of the parable, The Good Samaritan and applying it to different contexts.


Dance will be our focus this week and the children will be ‘shaping some moves’ during the dance-a-thon on Friday.   I can’t wait!