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Monday 20th - 22nd January 2020 ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 20th January 2020

We are going to be writing about famous authors, focusing on correcting any incorrest joining in our handwriting sessions and working on spelling the common exception words.


We will be doing our final money lessons where we will be adding money, giving change and working out the answers to some money word problems. Our next unit will be 'Time'. If you could reinforce how to tell O'Clock and half past time, we will be introducing quater past and quater to over the next couple of weeks.

Science Physics

We will be doing a water squirting investigation ( if the playground is dry enough!) and we will be studying the scientist Newton and learning what he discovered. If you have any books with information about Newton please send them in.


We will be studying newton and we have a speaker in from 'The Goudhurst Historica Society' in school. He will be talking to the children about the Beresford family who built the Bedgebury estate and had lots of the Kilndown houses built to house their staff. We are excited to ask him some questions.


We are going to be creating posters to advertise a book, film, concert or event. The children will think of a famous person they know and like, and then creating a poster linked to their work.


More Gymnastics with the small apparatus. The childrn will be  linking movements and learning to travel over, under and through the apparatus.


More learning of the song, actions and commenting on the beat and words of the song.



Discussion of feelings and ways to improve our moods and control any negativity.


The class will be continuing to describe themselves, as well and describing some well know famous people having looked at some photos.