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Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 19th March 2018

Next Tuesday (27th) will be our 'Chocolate Tea Party' 2pm in the outdoor Hide and Playground.  It will be a celebration of all of the learning linked to this term's topic. Parents and younger siblings will only be able to join us if the weather is good ( due to space issues!), If it rains we will have to do it in the classroom with the children. I have spoken to the class and they are excited about cooking/baking with you at home. Anything that has some form of chocolate in it! Please do not feel you have to bring in 30 items.... just a small batch of 5 or 6 would be more than enough! The invitation written by your children should be coming home on Tuesday this week.





For the next two Monday and Tuesday maths sessions we will be working on money. Recognition of the coins and notes, paying for items of a given value, adding and taking away and word problems libnked to money. If you could show your children the money in your purse/wallet (to help with coin and note recognition), maybe let them spend money at a shop where they have to find the best coins to use and workout the change they should be given, that would be fabulous! We often use cards for payment and children have less experience of monetary transactions theses days so any practical shop ( playing) activities you could do with them at home would also be a great help. Thank you!


We will be creating an invatation to our 'Chocolate Tea Party' this week.... your children should all be bringing one home, if it is not handed over please hunt their bags! We will also continue with spelling and dictation activities.


It is our second week of learning about Electricity. More circuits, posters, fact-files and ivestigations.


On-line safety will be discussed, it is essential to start teaching the children the basic rules early, even if their only experience of using computers and I Pads is in school.


The children will be working on team ball games. They will be using all the skills we have been focusing on over the last 6 or 8 weeks.