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W/c 19th February - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 19th February 2018

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week.

I am trying to get ahead of myself and therefore writing this just as the children have left for half term break.  We did well, with only 3 PE kits still hanging on the pegs waiting for their owners! 

We are changing our topic this term and the children will be delighted to know that it is now time to explore chocolate in our ‘Chocolate Delights’ topic!  We have lots of activities planned so watch this space.. and of course Mrs Benson’s intended learning for more details.

Best wishes,

Mrs Donoghue

Online links which support learning in class:


Maths Rockstar:  

Squeebles: – an excellent app to be used on ipads - £2.99

Table Mountain: (evaluation version) to be used on a laptop/computer.


Common and proper nouns and exclamation marks will be our focus this week.  We started learning about common and proper nouns before half term and the children appear to have good understanding however any opportunities for overlearning would be greatly appreciated!  

Reading Comprehension – the children will continue to read straight after lunch on a daily basis;  they will also take part in a group reading session;  this new initiative is based around texts which typically takes 60 seconds to read before discussing questions relating to the text.  

Spelling We have a new spelling list; this will be sent home this week.  A quizlet activity has been created. 


We will be recapping on doubling and halving this week and continuing our work on division by 2, 5 & 10.  We will then be moving onto length which will involve reading scales, choosing appropriate measuring equipment and using greater than/less than to compare lengths.


Kingdom of God is the title of our unit this term and we will be discussing the question – When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?


I will be taking the children for PE on Friday.  We will be starting a new unit: sending and receiving ball skills.