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Mrs Donoghue - Thursday 21st November and Friday 22nd November 2019

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 18th November 2019

Mrs Benson and I would like to say a huge thank you for coming to parents evening last week and being so lovely and supportive to all we are trying to do.  We really saw it as an opportunity to celebrate all the successes your child has. 

Have a good week,

Mrs Donoghue


This week the children will be taking on the role of the bear (from the book The Bear and the Piano) and writing a postcard about ‘their’ adventures performing at theatres on Broadway!  We will be preparing for this through drama and Talk4writing approaches.


We will continue starting each lesson with ‘number of the day’ where the children will be able to show their understanding of a range of models (part/whole, bar models/number lines) to represent a number.   Then we will be moving onto problem solving and a mini assessment, testing the children’s knowledge of place value before we move onto a new unit.


Mrs Mileham will be taking the children for PE this week – focusing on Multi Sports. 


We didn’t quite finish our work on ‘The best thing about the world is…..’ last week so we will be concluding it this week before moving onto next unit – you can probably guess what it will be!


This week we will be learning songs for the Nativity performance with the help of Mrs Mileham.  The children have already become familiar with them as they have been played as background music for the last two weeks.