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Week beginning 18th September (Mrs Benson Monday and Tuesday)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 18th September 2017

On Tuesday afternoon from 2 pm we will be doing some group work linked to our topic. If you have any books with information about the planets  could you please send them in. Also it would be fantastic if you were able to come and help from 2pm on Tuesday 19th to work with a group. Let me know on Monday if you are free! Thank You.



The children are going to be learning why we need plants to survive. They will be mapping the areas around the school that have plants and trees growing and they will be learning that plants do much more that just giving us food.


This week the children will be continuing with measuring activities. They will be measuring in both metres and centimetres. They will be estimating, becoming more familiar with the vocabulary linked to measuring and becoming more careful when reading the unit of measurement from a tape measure, ruler or metre stick.


This week the children will be working on extended sentences. The will be encouraged to describe pictures of aliens using joined handwriting and punctuation in their sentences.


This week the children will be repeating sentences in French, but changing one part of the sentence so it applies to them. This will relate to the name, age, gender, hair colour and eye colour.


This week we will continue are team work and agility activities. These are particularly good for encouraging leadership and good communication skills, whilst also being active and fun.


This week we will be talking about healthy lifestyles. This will cover sleep, eating habits and exercise.

Topic- Space

We will be working teams to do some fact finding on planets. Each group will focus on one planet and create an information poster.