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Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 18th June 2018

What a super trip. Thank you so much to all our parent helpers!



We are going to be writing in past tense this week about our super day at Scotney. The children will also be working on some spelling patterns and using these in extended sentences.



The focus this week will be revision on time and reading scales. Both lessons will be practical with some recording and assessment elements.


The class will be watching a clip about the Amazon and will be learning about the flora and forna. They will be studying pictures and learning some facts about where the Amazon is.


Last week the children did some Fencing. This week they will be creating their own games. They will need to select from a variety of resources and think up rules and instructions.


Courage is our focus this week. We will be reading a story and discussing our own experiences. We will also re-visit inter-net safety and the need to follow rules relating to on-line use.


We will be learning some action words linked to sport and movement.


This week we are going to be studying the properties of materials in relation to water-proofing. the class will be conducting and investigation to see which material fairs best.