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Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th March (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 17th March 2020

I was a real joy to chat with you all about your children's learning last week at the parent consultations.

Hopefully you will remember, from my note in last weeks intended learning, that I am not in Monday and Tuesday morning. I am owed a day and a half from working on my non-tesching days earlier in the year. I will be celebrating as my husband and I will have been together for 30 years on the 17th March!

Mrs Donoghue will be teaching and will do the intended learning for the Monday. I have talked Mr Goodman through the plans for Tuesday morning.

I will be doing my club on Tuesday evening.


On Tuesday morning Mr Goodman will be teaching the class and they will be learning about letter writing. They will talking about and then planning a letter to persuade Mrs Roberts to give them longer holidays. They will then use their plans on Wednesday with me to write a letter.


Both on Tuesday with Mr Goodman and on Wednesday with me, the children will be working on addition. They will be choosing a method that is successful for them. That might be partitioning, columns or maybe using a bar model and base ten. They will be adding two digit numbers.



In Geography the children will be comparing our life in kent villages to the life of an Inuit family in the Arctic region. We will compare what we eat, what we do to have fun,  what our houses are like, what we wear and how we travel around.


We will be studying an African artist who does paper weaving and we will then use paper strips to weave an art creation for our books using coloured paper.


The children will be working with Miss Wilford to use instrument to accompany their song.


On Wednesday PM we have a 30 min Tennis taster session.