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Monday 16th October (Mrs Benson Mon and Tues)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 16th October 2017

Have a super half-term holiday next week. The children have worked very hard this term and really deserve  a break.

There is a 'home-learning' challenge in the ICT section. Please have a read!


This week the children will be gathering data on a tally chart and then converting this data onto a picture graph. They will also be looking at picture graphs with different scales and answering questions about the data.


The children will be doing some informative writing and working on their persuasive writing skills. We will continue to focus on joined handwriting and on the year two high frequency spellings.


We will continue to study the results of our on-going investigations and this week we will be focusing on trees. The children will be identifying trees by their leaves, doing a tally of the trees in our school environment and drawing a detailed sketch of a leaf.


The class are working on improving their listening and non-verbal communications skills to help them in team sports. We will work on small group activities and on whole class team games.


The children are becoming more confident and their accents are developing well. This week we will focus on body vocabulary and talking about colours of eyes and hair.


This week we will be talking about things that make us different from each other. This will lead us on to disabilities and I will read a book about a wheelchair user and we will discuss the content.


The children are working in small groups to learn to use a 'Word' type (Clicker) computer programme. Many of them are unfamiliar with using computer keyboards and typing. If you could do some activities at home with them on a computer, and send in some writing with a picture attached we would love to see it!  We will put them in the children's books.The aim is for them to be able to type, insert a picture and to save their work. We are doing this in groups of 4 so it might take a few weeks to work with all the children. Thank you!


We will be learning space travel and the children will be creating a cartoon style adventure containing as much factual information as possible.