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Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th April (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 16th April 2018

Welcome back! I hope you all had a super Easter break and that the children are excited about the new term. If your children are feely crafty, I would love them to make some 3D Bristish spiders, lady-birds. Any size, but big would be good ( 20 cm +)  If they would like to choose their favourite insect and do a picture and a fact file that would also be super! Go-go rewards will be given to anyone who brings something in!

Please make sure your child brings in their PE kit ( for indoor and outdoor PE) on Monday as we have PE in the afternoon. Thanks!


We will be doing some work on mixed operations (add, take, times and divison) linked to word problems this week. The children will be using strategies and resources to help them work out the answers.


I will be linking our English tasks to our new Nature Dectectives topic. The children will be writing factual information and writing lists.


This term we will be doing multi-skills circuits training. The children will need outdoor and indoor kit in school.


The children will be sharing what they know about animals and wildlife in their gardens and the schiool environment. If you have any photos of your children with plants or animals from our local area, please send them in. If your child could write a brief description of what the plant/animal is and where they saw it, we could put it on our dispolay.We will be making a fact file on birds we have spotted in our school grounds.


We will be listening to and repeating French vocabulary linked to school life.


We will be talking about loss. This will cover pets and family or friends who have died. We will discuss how we feel and how we keep memories alive. I will start with a story and will ensure the discussion positive and that the children feel theu=y only have to contribute if they feel comfortable to share their thoughts and experiences.