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W/c 16th March - Monday, Thursday and Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 16th March 2020

Thank you for attending parents evening last week.  We always look forward to talking to you about your children and the progress they have made and we always appreciate all the lovely comments you so willingly give us!

I hope the children told you about the Steel Pan workshop!  It was fantastic and we all had a wonderful time, either taking part of just listening to the music in the background whist other classes took part.

I am in class on Monday, Thursday and Friday this week.  

Mrs Donoghue



This week we are travelling to Australia (however there are so many reasons why we can’t do this!!!).  I will be using an Australian book called ‘Are we there yet?’ which is a beautiful story where a family take a road trip in a campervan around Australia.    There is a You Tube clip available which covers the whole story -  We will then focus on the Great Barrier Reef in more detail and all the children will be writing a fact sheet/booklet on the world’s largest living structure.

The children will also decorate their own VW campervan, draw pictures and write annotations on what they would take with them on a trip around Australia.

Whole Class Reading – individual and group reading

We have started a new book written by Anne Fine.  I’m going to be totally honest, the book is at school and I cannot remember the title but we are enjoying it!  We are also reading The Penguin who wanted to find out’ by Jill Tomlinson.


Spellings - the children need to learn the spellings on page 19 of the Monster Phonics book or a test next Friday. 


This week we will be looking at inverse operations.  The children will understand the term ‘inverse’ and that it means opposite.    They will be taught this through scenarios (giving out and handing back) before looking at arrays and finding ‘family of four or fact families’.  Family of four is when you can make 4 facts out of 3 numbers.  E.g.  3 x 4 = 12    4 x 3 = 12   12 ÷ 4 = 3  12 ÷ 3 = 12


Another new term, another new unit!  Our topic this term is entitled ‘Salvation’ and we will be exploring the question ‘Why Easter is so important to Christians’.  This question will be explored through discussion and drama over the forthcoming weeks.


Mrs Mileham will be taking the children for PE this week.  She will be stepping away from indoor athletics as the PE session will be taking place outside due to Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. Please ensure all PE kits are in school.