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Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th January (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 15th January 2018

This week in English the children will be watching a short clip from the film Toy Story. They will then complete a writing task to continue the story. We will be talking about using suffixes such as ly and ness and the children will try to use some of these in their writing. We will continue to work on spellings by writing common exception words in handwriting each morning and by playing class games linked to these spellings.


In these sessions the children will be doing a mental maths session which drews in lots of the various areas of the curriculum and working on subtraction elements, as a final lesson, before they move on to multiplication.


This week the focus will be on safety in the home with a focus on dangerous medicine and products that can cause harm. We will talk about where these products are keep and why they should never be played with or taken without adults permission and supervision.


The children will be having a short vocabulary session on Mondays and a longer session at the end of the day on Fridays.


This week the children will be learning about forces. This will involve studying a number of toys to see how they work. Grouping them and discussing other toys that work in the same way. The children will be doing an investigation into pushes and pulls. It would be wonderful if your child could bring in a container that can skirt water. The more shape and sizes we have the better! Plastic containers used for runny honey, marmite or washing up liquid would be great! Thank you!


This week we are studying toy designers and then the children will get the chance to design their own toy.


This week the children will continue to work on large ball skills such as passing, aiming and catching (linked to netball).