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Thursday 17th October 2019

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 14th October 2019

A short week this week as the school is closed for an INSET day on Friday and then of course it is half term - it only seems like yesterday that we returned from the Summer holidays!  If I don’t see you personally, I hope you all have a happy and relaxing half term break.

Have a good week,

Mrs Donoghue


At the time of writing, our English could be one of two things!  If we are lucky to have dry weather, we will be finding similarities and differences between a vintage and modern tractor!  Zach in y4 has his own vintage tractor which he is happy to bring in (with a lot of help from dad!) as well as a modern day version, however we are dependent on the weather.  If not, we will postpone until after half term and we will conclude our work on the ‘Journey’ book.


Words beginning with silent ‘w’ are the focus this week, so please keep practising at home.


This week, we will focusing on greater than/less than using the symbols < > =.  Please help us at home if you can, such as comparing peas and carrots on a plate (for example!).


This week we will be discussing the parable of The Lost Son, which the children were introduced to in Year 1. They will be asked to think about this parable and the parable of Jonah and The Big Whale and what they both say about God (showing forgiveness).