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Monday 13th-Wednesday 15th January ( Mrs Benson )

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 13th January 2020

What a super first week back!

The children have totally embraced our new topic. I have learnt SO much about famous people I had never heard of. It has been impressive to hear the children's research on famous people. Thank you for your support with this task.



We will be writing about what we would like to be famous for in the future. We will also be doing some work on contractions and possesive apostrophes. We will be learning how to use dictionaries, so if you have one a home, it would be useful if you could play some work hunting and then spellling games at home.


We will be working on making a given monetary value using coins and notes. Again if you wnat to play this game at home using real money from your purse/wallet it would be really helpful. Start with very low values and work your way up to inclue notes!


We are going to be investigating how toys move, with a focus on pushing, pulling and twisting. We ahve a variety of toys for the children to experiment with and will be setting up an investigation.


We will be working on basic sentences linked to describing ourselves. The children will be saying where trhey live, what hair colour they have ect.


We will be learning about 'changes in living memory' by studying the changes Jamie Oliver made during his school dinner campaign.


Our music topic this term is based on a song called 'I wanna be in a band'. We will be listening to the musical arrangement, learning the words and making up actions. We will get the instuments out too later in the term.


We will be doing some Decoupage techniques thios week and we will be beginning to think about designing our own new improved vaccum cleaner.

PE- Gymnastics

We will be getting the benches and mats out this week to work on travelling at different levels and speeds.