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Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th March 2018 (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 12th March 2018

This is Miss Wilford's last week with us ( although she will be back in May to do a research project). She has been a fantastic student and we feel that the class have really enjoyed her enthusiam. It is not many weeks until the Easter holiday and we hope our chocolate topic will have given the children a new insight into what goes into making the eggs! In the last week of term on the Tuesday afternoon (27th) I would like to invite any parents who are free to come in for a chocolate tea party ( weather permitting). We will send out proper invitations made by the children, but put it in your diary for 2 pm on that day. My inital idea is that if you could make something with your child that has chocolate in it ( ie cakes) they could bring it in and we could create a tea party as a celebration of our topic.


We are moving on to focus on 'Electricity'.We will learn about what is powered by electricity and  how dangerous electricity can be if we do not follow safety rules. The children will be creating a basic circuit and they will be turning a normal toothbrush into a vibrating one!


The children will continue their work on measuring- they have measure length, volume and they will be weighing things this week. We will also continue with the mental maths activities.


This week the children will be writing some poerty, using rhyming couplets, linked to our chocolate theme.


Safety in the home ( linked to electricity learning in Science) and more drama work linked to feelings and relationships.


This week our topic lesson will be a creative lesson (DT) focusing on chocolate packaging and design elements linked to how products are marketed.


The childen will be playing tean ball games which involve speed and acturte passing.