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W/c 11th September - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday to Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 11th September 2017

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week.


Our first week is over and the  children have all settled into Y2 beautifully!  Thank you for sending their PE kits in; it was a joy to take them out for PE on Thursday all kitted up and raring to go!  We have now sent reading books home and will send Mental Arithmetic books, Phonics books and Learning Journals home in the next couple of weeks.  We will explain our expectations at the Parent Information sessions next week   (Tuesday and Thursday) and in next week’s Intended Learning.


Thank you for your support and have a lovely week.


Mrs Donoghue


This week our main text will be   Laura’s Star, by Klaus Baumgart. I have various activities planned, the first   drawing a story map and deciding which pictures and words are ‘key’ to the   story and will help us to remember it.    We will then make one change to the story, taking ideas from the   children.  For example, it may be that   we change the character or ending. This change will be made on the story map,   again to help retell the story and then structure their writing.  The children will also complete a   comprehension activity based on Laura’s Star.   

We will finish our school day with   a different story which is currently Sophie’s Snail, by Dick King-Smith at   the end of the day.


Accelerated Reader   log on.

Web address:  

Username:  Your child’s initial plus the first four letters of the surname (e.g. mdono) and the Password:  abc


This week the children will be   partitioning two digit and three digit numbers, for example, 453 - 4   hundreds, 5 tens and 2 ones which can also be written as an addition sum, 400   + 50 + 3 = 453.  They will also be   given a challenge, which is challenging my decision!  For example, I think a number sequence is   correct but they need to challenge me and tell me why I’m wrong! I wonder how   many will be brave enough…… J

In addition to the above, the children will be singing their tables with the help of Percy Parker (an online resource), putting numbers in ascending and descending order and comparing numbers using greater than/less than.


Our current unit is Multiskills. This week I will set up activity stations that will develop the children skills in running, jumping, catching, throwing and balancing.

Art & DT

The children will doing some wonderful creations linked to our current topic, Space Quest this week.

Religious Education

Our current unit is Creation – Who Made the World? Before retelling the story we will be looking at images and objects that are familiar to them, such as a teddy bear, crusty bread, mobile phone, and talking about who made them and the qualities the creator would need to have.   We will then move onto images of the natural world and discuss what the creator might be like which will link beautifully into the story.


I will be introducing Tim Peake to the children this week (not literally – now wouldn’t that be good!?!) and we will start to look at his recent exciting adventure to Space.

School Council Members

This week, we will be choosing two members of our class to represent us at the school council.  A job description has been created which I wil share with themand simplify the language where appropriate - I thought it might be useful for you to see it too. 


School Councillor


Job Description



Main responsibilities and tasks


  • To be an excellent role model for other pupils – demonstrate our school and Christian values.
  • To represent the views of others, even when they may not agree with that view.
  • Contribute and share ideas and thinking at meetings.
  • Report to the School Council about discussions/issues arising in classes.
  • Report back to classes about what has happened at School Council.
  • Ensure that you attend School Councils without fail.
  • Taking an active part in meetings.
  • Support the work of the School Council, so that everyone can, “Achieve, Enjoy, Together”.


School Councillor – Skills & Character


  • Respect the rights of everyone
  • Assertive - the opinions of your class are just as important as everyone else’s
  • Display leadership skills
  • Enthusiastic and positive
  • Creative thinker
  • Organised - it will be your responsibility to make sure meetings happen in your class on a regular basis.
  • Good listener - everyone in the class has to feel comfortable talking to you.
  • Persuasive communicator - you need to be able to work with staff and students from across the school
  • Ability to take advice
  • Confident in a variety of settings
  • Smart appearance
  • Cooperative and diplomatic
  • Fair - everyone has the right to express a point of view.
  • Resilient
  • Approachable & friendly.