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Week beginning 11th September (Monday and Tuesday- Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 11th September 2017

We are learning about Space this term. Is you fancy being creative at home, we would love it if you could help your child to create a 3D mini rocket, planet or space scene. It is an optional activity, but it would be super to have some displayed in both the hall and the classroom. Thank you!

We have 'Meet the Teacher' sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. I will be at the Tuesday session (but not the Thursday one). We will be sharing some information and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the year ahead. It would be lovely to see you there.



Our topic this term (up to Christmas) is 'Trees and Plants'. There are lots of fun outdoor activities and I will be linking in some artwork and maths activities too. This week we will be starting by sharing what we already know and we will be identifying all the areas that we want to know more about. The children will be introduced to the vocabulary linked to our topic and we will begin work on our 'working wall display' in the classroom.


We are going to hopefully use the outdoor space for PE each week if the weather permits, but do have a hall slot booked so we will do PE every Monday afternoon whatever the weather. I will be beginning the term with some of the children's favourite warm up games and we will be focussing on agility and quick responses. Please ensure that your child has a full named kit in a named bag please.



We are very fortunate as David's mum has kindly agreed to come in each Monday afternoon to help us all with French! We will be working through a planned scheme of work. It is nearly all verbal, interactive and practical so there will not be many written tasks, but the children's knowledge of the French language and their understanding of a range of vocabulary will be increasing as the year progresses.


We will be learning some facts linked to our topic and we will be creating some 2D and 3D art work on Tuesday afternoon.


We will begin the term with some talk time and a discussion about what being 'Top of Key Stage Two' means. We will discuss what 'Role-models' are and act out some helping senarios.


We will be using a 'Space Story' to inspire some descriptive writing. The children will be fully introduced to our marking feedback and the focus will be reading their work back. This will encourage them to make changes, corrections and improvements before they decide a written task is finished.


I will starting a unit on 'Length'. The children will be using measuring equipment and will be becoming familiar with what a Metre is. We will be linking in our trees and plants science topic and we will be be being detectives around the school. If you could ask your children to find objects around your home or garden that they think is about a Metre in length and then check it with a tape measure that would be fabulous! If you send in a photo of the activity, I could put it in the Maths book and award a Go-go!