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Monday 10th- Wednesday 12th February (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 10th February 2020

Can you believe it is the last week of term? It has been a joy to teach your children this term and I wish you a very relaxing holiday next week.

Next term our topic will be 'Location, Location, Location'. We will be cooking some dishes/recipes from around the world and learning about various locations and comparing them to the uk. We will study books with foreign settings and write poems about far away lands. We will be doing art work based on Artic, Amazon and which depicts the Northern Lights.and  If you have any books or maps which will help us introduce this topic please send them in.

Also if you have lived abroad or are from another country and would like to come and talk to the children about the country and how it differs from ours, we would be very grateful.Please pop in and see me.



This week we will be beginning our data and graphs topic in maths. We will be learning how to read a variety of graphs and how to collect data and create a graph over the next few weeks.


This week we will be working on some comprehension tasks and we will be reading and writing our own poems.


This week we will be using the fabu;ous jumping skills we were developing last week and using them to jump from benches and low level apparatus.


This week we will be building on a multi-media design and we will be making stuffed peppers and learning about why a varied and healthy diet is good for your physical health.


The focus will be diet and healthy eating (linked to DT).


The children look forward to their music session with Miss Wilford and she tells me they are learning the song, action and discuss the content in musical term very well.


The children continue to impress us with their french. Their ability to describe people and things is moving on well. Their accent are also very good.


This week we are going to talk about historica eveidence and how we know what is fact and what is fiction. We will be learning about Robin Hood and studying what the truth is as we know it today.