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Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th October (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 9th October 2017

Class Two are a joy to teach! They are proving to be very focused and their concentration and attitude to learning is very impressive. Well done!


This week we will continue to work on Picture Graphs and to create our own. The children were quick to grasp the key concepts last week and I am sure they will enjoy gathering data of their own.


The children's daily handwriting sessions are really paying off and I have been so impressed with the improvement in the presentation of their writing and with their ability to join. In English we will focus on factual and informative writing, which will include 'Bossy Verbs'



More outdoor team games with a focus on team work and communication.


This week we will look at the results of our shoebox/light investigation and see how our beans grew. I am hoping we will be able to draw some results from our investigation and that the children will be able to decide whether their predictions were correct. The children will be learning to identify and name the structures of plants and flowers and we will be discussing the functions these structures have.


Lots of verbal activities and learning new vocabulary to describe favourite things.


The focus this week will be 'What makes the best.... learner, friend, teacher, sister etc. We will be looking at key characteristics that are common for all of these roles.