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Mon 9th September-Wed 11th September (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 9th September 2019

What a super first week back. Your children were amazing! So settled, well behaved and very keen to show us all the things they already know.

I will be doing the Wednesday 'Meet the Teacher' session and Mrs D will be doing the Thursday session. We will be sharing the same information, but If you do not come to one of our sessions please feel free to come and say hello at another time. The door is always open for a chat about anything relating to your child/children or if you have a question or concern.



We will be starting a 'Talk for Writing' block using a book about Amelia Earhart. We will also continue our daily phonics sessions and working on correctly joining handwriting.


This week we will be working on addition. Finding out which the children's favourite resources and what written methods they are familiar with.


This week we will introducing the 'Plants and Trees' topic. We will be discussing what we already know, introducing new vocabulary and going over some of the content that will be covered this term.


This week we will be joining card to create a hot air balloon, that we will then be decorating in the style of one of the artists we are going to be learning about.


We will be focusing on Mindfulness and coping with change and new experiences.


We will be looking at photos and videos of old and new cars and discussing the differences. The children will be drawing and labelling cars.

PE- Football

This week will will be beginning to work on the children's football skills. Dribbling with control and passing accurately.