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Mon 9th-Wed 11th July ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 9th July 2018

I will be in for 3 days this week. Tuesday afternoon is Jump up. The class will be heading through the double doors into Key Stage Two!! I am sure they will have a super afternoon and will be then set to be excited about their new class and teacher over the summer.


The children will be planning and writing an imaginative story. The aim will be for them to show all all the skills we have been working on over the year. The children will then be given the opportunity to share their work with their peers and then some will read their story to the whole class.


This week our focuis will be on developing subtraction skills. The children will be working on written methods to improve their ability to subtract quickly and to check their answers.


We will be working on our last science topic linked to 'Changing Materials'. This week our focus will be on investigating how heating can change a material. There will be chocolate involved! The children will love it!


We will be looking back at the year and celebrating the good bits, identifying where we needed resilience and perserverance was needed and identify how much we have grown and changed over the year.


The Amazon topic draws to a close we will be creating a layered collage of the Amazon, with some hanging facts. 


The children have created some super games in small groups this term. We might need to run through a few of the sports day races, but will then hopefully have time to have another game inventing session.