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Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th March 2020 ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 9th March 2020

We are looking forward to seeing you at parents evening on Tuesday and Thursday. Please take some time to look through the children's books. They are particularly proud of the Art books this year which contain some impressive art work. Next week ( beginning 16th)  I will not be in school on Monday all day or Tuesday morning. I am owed some time from the first term and Mrs Donoghue and Mr Goodman will be covering me.


The children will be writing their information they want me to share with you at parents' evening on Monday and then we will be moving on to study a book called 'Polar Bear'. This will link nicely to our Geography lessons and will focus on factual and descriptive writing.


We will be working on volume this week. The focus will developing a good understanding of how we measure liquids and to work on reading scales with missing numbers. I have asked the children to bring in one empty liquid container with the volume on the side ie 250 ml. We will be using these to help the children become confident at estimating volume.


This week we will continuing our sewing/textile wall angings and we will be doing some observational drawing of fruit. It you have any interesting fruits to draw, please send them in on Wednesday. You will get them back at the end of the day! Thank you!


We will be continuing to work on a variety of dance steps and moves this week. We will be putting them in a sequence and the children will be working in pairs to work on a mini routine.


This week we will be ginning work on Flight. The children will be making a paper aeroplane and following designs that should fly well. We will also begin to look at electricity and the chikdren will be working on creating circuits.


We will be talking about household products that can be dangerous if not handled properly. We will talk about rules we have at home and school for keeping children safe from harm.


This week we will be learning about the Artic and Antarctic regions. We will be learning which countries make up these continents and what animal life lives in these regions.