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Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th January (Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 8th January 2018

I hope you all had a super break. I hope the children are excited about our new topic. If you have any old toys ( from your childhood or your parents' childhood) we would love to have a look. Also if you have any books (fiction or non-fiction) about toys please send them in with your child for us to share with the class.

happy New Year!


This week the children will be sharing their current knowledge and understanding about our physics topic -Toys. They will talking about their favourite toys and what makes them function. They will be identifying which toys they have that move and which toys require electricity or batteries to make them fuction. The children will be given an outline of what we will cover in our science lessons this term and we will discuss some of the activities that they will do. My aim is to get them excited and interested in the topic so they will engage fully in the lessons and learn lots!


The children will have the chance to write about their favourite toys (maybe Christmas gifts). They will do a plan to gather ideas and thoughts. They will be describing to toy, how they feel about it and what they do with it. They children will then share their writing with a friend and use a purple pen to improve it before handing it in.


This week I will be focusing on addition skills. The aim will be to improve the children's use of numberline and number squares when working out the answers to addition problems.


This term I will be teaching PE on a Monday afternoon and our focus will be on bat and ball skills. We will be outdoors when possible, but have hall time if the weather is not pleasant!



Having had a short break from French to focus on the Christmas activities we will be back to having French last thing on Monday. We will continue to learn basic vocabulary linked colours, numbers, days, greetings and parts of the body.


This week we will talk about what 'family' means to us and about some family traditions that we enjoy in our own family units.


This week we will look at toys from the past. The children will discuss what has changed and what toys are still in use today.