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Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 7th October 2019

We have our puppet workshop on Tuesday morning. If you have any more tights ( any size, colour, condition or material) we still need lots more. Thank you!!

I am in on Friday this week to Cover Mrs D. She will be in for an extra day at some point in the future.



We are very excited to have a puppet workshop on Tuesday morning. Lots of making and then using puppets.


Subtraction methods. We will be using resources and written methods to solve subtraction sums and word problems.


Netball shooting and passing in small teams.


More learning about plants and growing. We are setting up cress investigations this week. Prepare for the classroom to get a bit smelly!

Sid the Sloth has been loving his investigations at your houses. He will be coming to visit you all for some science investigation at some point this year!


We are moving on to focus on a new 'Talk for Writing' transport text. The children have been loving our texts and they will be helping write out the story in planning pictures and symbols and then changing and adapting the story before re-writing it independently.


We will be continuing to study vehicles from the past and to place vehicles on a timeline.


Here and now mindfulness activities and a focus on different relationships

Mindfulnes - Here and Now focus and in our class talk time we will also be discussing relationships in our life and how they make us feel and how they are different.