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W/c 7th-9th March - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 7th March 2018

I will be in class on Wednesday& Friday this week. 

Well wasn’t that a short week?  Who knew the impact the snow was going to have on our week!  Let’s try again .... you will not be surprised to know that the intended learning is quite similar to last week.  I will test the children on both last week’s and this week’s spellings on Friday as it is important that we develop the children’s spelling. 

The whole school will be travelling to Benenden School on Thursday morning to enjoy a musical concert by Kidenza.  As I am at a conference, the children will be led by Mrs Roberts or Mrs Stanford and supported by Miss Wilford, Mrs Morris and Mr Draper.  Miss Wilford will be teaching the class once they return from the concert.  

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Wednesday at the consultation evening – please make sure you sign up for a slot in the usual way.

Best wishes,

Mrs Donoghue

Online links which support learning in class:


Maths Rockstar:  

Squeebles: – an excellent app to be used on ipads - £2.99

Table Mountain: (evaluation version) to be used on a laptop/computer.


Common and proper nouns are proving to be a little tricky so please help us by identifying them in texts, particularly proper nouns.  This week we will be focusing on descriptive writing – settings in particular.  We will start by creating a word bank of nouns, then thinking of verbs to describe the nouns before adding adjectives.  We will also be throwing in a challenge – writing similes!  The idea is that they will not tell the reader about the setting but show the reader, using carefully chosen words.

Reading Comprehension – the children will continue to read straight after lunch on a daily basis;  they will also take part in a group reading session;  this new initiative is based around texts which typically takes 60 seconds to read before discussing questions relating to the text.  

Spelling  A new list was sent home on Friday 23rd February.  There is a helpful ‘how to help your child at home’ sheet too.  You will note that there is a suggestion for writing words in salt – I have recently been told of another way, writing the word in a thin layer of icing sugar and then they can lick their finger when they get the spelling right! 


We will be continuing with measurement this week focusing on capacity and weight/mass.  The majority of children are confident in reading scales however please do help us at home by encouraging your child to measure anything and everything – perhaps it is an ideal time to bake a cake together!   The 5x table remains a focus and we will be singing and marching to them throughout the week!


Kingdom of God is the title of our unit this term and we will be discussing the question – When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost? You may have seen this on last weeks Intended Learningwe had a change of plan this week and created a display on The Prodigal Son, the parable linked to this terms value – Love.   The display is just outside the hall so please feel free to come in and admire their work.


I will be taking the children for PE on Thursday and continuing with our unit on sending and receiving ball skills.