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w/c 6th November - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 6th November 2017

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week. 

Spellings:  We have made the decision to keep the phonics books in school as we recognise they are tricky to do at home when parents are not confident with the pure sounds.  However, we have introduced a weekly spelling test (which will include challenge words for those who are already secure).   I have uploaded a list of words for term 2 and will put one in the childrens book bags on Monday.  I will be giving the children an activity every Friday which will include the spelling words – this may not be a traditional spelling test but a writing activity that includes the words and rule learnt that week. The activity on quizlet will correspond with the weekly spellings.  The link is as follows:

Maths Rockstar:  All children have been given a username and password which are stuck in their home journals.  They need to go into the ‘garage’ section where they will be given a range of times tables questions for the 2,3,5 & 10 times tables.  The other areas (studio, festival and arena) cannot be set to ability and therefore include all the tables up to 12x12.   More tables will be added to the group as we progress through the year.  The links is as follows:

Nativity  Thank you for encouraging your child to write an application letter for the forthcoming Nativity.  We will be looking at them all next week and holding auditions, where necessary, on Wednesday. 


Have a good week.

Mrs Donoghue


Last week we studied a fantastic picture of bookshelf’s from the book ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson.  As there is so much detail within the pictures, we are going to use it for descriptive writing …with a twist!  The children have to write in such fine detail that their partner will be able to work out which picture they are describing!


We are on Week 2 Spellings this week – the sounds /l/, /k/ and /z/ spelt ‘ll’, ‘zz’ and ‘ck’.  In addition to this, the children will be starting their day with ‘take five’; taking five words from the Common Exception Word list and writing them in beautifully joined up writing!!


This week we will be subtracting two digit numbers to 100 (without regrouping).  We will be using a range of resources such as multi-base, number lines, rulers (they use this a number line to 30), numicon and counters to name just a few as they did with addition. To start, we will be revisiting  number bonds again and their related subtraction facts before partitioning the number units into tens and ones and then subtract  to record the answer.  Subtraction can be tricky so any support you can give at home would be greatly appreciated!  This could be done quite simply by using objects and taking some away, and if possible, recording the answer as a number sentence (10 – 7 – 3).


We will talking about Remembrance on Friday and the reason we wear poppies.  Please be assured that I will do this sensitively.  I am planning on reading the poem, Flanders Fields, and giving the children the challenge of identifying the nouns, verbs and adjectives within it.   The children will also be making something related to Remembrance in the afternoon.


I will be taking the children for PE on Thursday afternoon; our focus this term is indoor athletics.


The children have a 30 minute drumming session every week.  The class are split into two groups and receive excellent tuition from Ben, an external music teacher.