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Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th March

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 5th March 2018

Well, after the excitment of last week, we are hoping for a normal week of lessons and learning. I have Science training on Monday afternoon, so Miss Wilford and Mrs Morris will be in charge. We have parent consultation evenings and are looking forward to seeing you all to discuss your super children.


We have the story mapping to create a story from. We started this last week so will do work on re-telling our own versions of the story and will then complete the written version.


Mental maths and measuring ( with addition and take-away questions)


The children learned lots about the forces that affect flight last week. This week they will be using their knowledge of thrust, drag, gravity and up-lift to design and make a plane.


Ball skills will continue this week with some throwing and catching games and activities.


We will focus on Chocolate, where it is grown, made and eaten! We we do some map work and discuss the history of chocolate.


We will discuss and act out situations linked to manners. This will demonstrate how good manner can affect how people react to you and build up an impression of a person.