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Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th Feb ( Mrs Benson)

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 5th February 2018

Wow, where did this this term go! Please have a look at home for some very small boxes to create wheeeled vehicles and tubes for our science investigation. Have a super break next week. Next term our topic will be - ' Chocolate Delight'. Could you please save any packaging from boxes chocolates and send them in next term. We will be doing a DT project creating our own Kudu brand of chocolates.... we will need to look at examples. Thank you!


The usual spelling, reading and handwriting focus with continue this week and our lesson learning objective will be on how, where and when to use full-stops.


This week the children will be learning about gravity and friction. There will be a teacher led 'Chair pulley' investigation and the children will be carrying out an investigation using marbles and tubes. If you have any tubes of various shapes and sizes, that we could roll marbles through, please send them in. Thank you!


The children will be doing some mental maths work and working on 'halving a given number'. They will be beginning their learning journey into division and exploring how resources can be used to solve division problems.


The focus this week will be similarity and difference, linked to value and respect. There will be lots of time to share ideas and discuss why the world is a richer place because we are all so different.


This week the children will be making toys. We have bought wheels and axels. Could you please send in any small boxes ie match boxes, oxo cube boxes or similar small boxes?. Thank you!


This week the ball skills focus will move to foot work. Controlling the ball by dribbling and careful aim.


Both a variety of vocabulary and some conversation activities will be taught.