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W/c 5th February 2018 - Mrs Donoghue - Wednesday-Friday

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 4th February 2018

I will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday next week.

Our Toys Theme Day was a great success and thank you so much for all the effort you put into making and organising costumes – they were fantastic and I think it was fair to say that some of the adults were speechless (in a good way!) and that doesn’t happen often!!!  Please do look at the gallery on the website for pictures of the day.  The puppets are now finished and hanging above the cloakroom pegs outside Y2, so again, please do have a look – they are also fabulous!

Cake sale money update – we have used every penny of our cake sale money on the following:  Reading books for our class library, 1 year’s subscription to First News and we have used the remaining money to fund a ‘Toys from the Past expert’ from Tunbridge Wells Museum to come into school next Thursday.  I hope you agree that it was money well spent.

We have a quieter week ahead of us but still lots of activities planned!  If I don’t see you personally, have a wonderful half term and I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 20th February.

Best wishes,

Mrs Donoghue


Grammar is our focus this week and I will be teaching some standalone lessons on nouns (common and proper nouns), verbs and adjectives.  It may sound a little dull but I can assure you it won’t be ...... ‘Simon Says’ is great for verbs, ‘Guess Who’ is superb for adjectives and ‘I Spy’ for nouns ... the games are endless!

Reading Comprehension – the children will continue to read straight after lunch on a daily basis;  they will also take part in a group reading session;  this new initiative is based around texts which typically takes 60 seconds to read before discussing questions relating to the text.  

Spelling Please refer to the spelling sheet for this week’s spellings. 


The 5x and 10x tables will be our focus this week as well as halving.  The children will undertake a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract activities across the week as well as a halving investigation to finish off the unit.


I will be taking the children for Dance on Wednesday afternoon.


We are continuing with our unit on the Gospel and looking at short, childrens prayers.  The children will then write their own short prayers focusing on specific aspects of every day life, e.g. friendship, love, kindness etc.