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Week beginning Tuesday 3rd September

Class 2 Kudus
For week beginning: 3rd September 2019

Welcome to Class Two! We aim to have a happy year with lots of creative, practical and outdoor learning. The children will doing lots of mini-mindful activities and we will have a big focus on the children's well-being as well as the more academic learning.

Please feel free to pop in and catch one of us before school if you have a question or concern.

We hope your child will love being a Kudu as much as we do!

Being a Kudu!

On our first day we will learn lots about Kudus. Being Kudu class it is important that we kow lots about these beautiful creatures. We will be learning where they live, what they eat and about the habitats they live in. We will be fact finds, watching video clips and creating some Kudu artwork. Ask your children about Kudus when they get home. Hopefully they will be able to enlighten you!


We will be writing about a Journey in English. Our topic is 'Get Moving' and as an initial activity I will be asking the children to write about a journey they went on during the summer. It can be to a distant place or to a vuisit to Grandparents. Any journey will do!

As in year One we will be having a 15 min Phonics session each day. We use Monster Phonics and our first sound will be dge.


Mental Maths

On Wednesday I will be introducing the class to our mental maths sessions. We will usually do these on a Monday afternoon, before PE, but this week we will talk through the vocabulary, methods of working things out and we will focus on the questions as a class.


As our topic is 'Get Moving' linked to transport, on Wednesday afternoon we are going to be using maps. We will be identifying where we live in England and then we will be identifying other countries we have visited or have friends or relatives in. We will be sharing information about how we travelled to those places and what is different about those locations to our our.